Monday, 12 October 2009

Blogger Buzz: Bloggers wanted!

Blogger Buzz: Bloggers wanted!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Vision Premier Prepaid Visa will give you peace of mind in the face of adversity

Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card

You can enjoy all of the spending benefits of Visa along with the extra added convenience of having an online account when you obtain the Vision Premier Prepaid Visa to use at your disposal.

There is no activation fee or weekly fees when it comes to applying for this card. Everyone is instantly approved, because you will never be subjected to any kind of credit check in order to obtain the card. You will have the joy of free online bill pay, along with free cash alerts.

If all of these free perks have not given you a reason to want to obtain the Vision Premier Prepaid Visa, there are more reasons to do so. You also get the opportunity to have free direct deposit generating to your card on your pay day.

Direct deposit will ensure that your check is delivered to you on time, every time. Direct deposit will give you the security that you need in order to go out and make the purchases that you require. Another great thing is you are allowed to make free unlimited purchases anywhere that Visa cards are accepted.

The Vision Premier Prepaid Visa will give you the leverage that you need in order to take control of your finances once and for all. Not to mention, you will be able to withdrawal cash from any ATM without any ailments.

You eliminate the hassle of having to deal with a banking institution. You will be able to track all of your monetary transactions via the internet. So, you can always rest easy that you will always know how much you have available in your account for you to utilize.

The Vision Premium Prepaid Visa takes the everyday stresses out of your life. You will be able to spend your money that you secure from your job freely, and always have an inclination of how much money that you have via the interactive online account section.

Visa Prepaid Card

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Everyone is instantly approved for a Silver Card

Do you receive your paycheck and automatically have to take it to a cash store in order to receive your funds? Are banking institutions giving you the cold shoulder? Then you are in luck, the Silver Card will help you receive your paycheck sooner, and you will not have to worry about paying any excess fees.

The Silver Card is your basic secured credit card. It bares the MasterCard logo, which makes it applicable to be, used anywhere that MasterCard’s are accepted. Anyone that applies for one of these secured cards, are instantly granted approval.
There are many great perks about having your very own Silver Card that people simply cannot get enough of.

By far, the most popular attribute of the card is the fact that you can receive your paychecks via direct deposit for no additional charge. Having direct deposit will eliminate the need to have to visit your local bank retailer in order to obtain your funds on your pay day. It simply takes the hassle out of the monotonous trips to a cash store or bank in order to obtain money that is rightfully yours.

With the Silver Card there is no minimum fund requirement. You can keep as much or as little as you want on the card and never get penalized for it. There are no over draft fees, so once your funds on the card have depleted, you will simply need to wait until your following pay day. This feature has actually helped a plethora of people remain debt free.

You will have the option to receive electronic or paper checks in order to handle your monetary affairs. Of course, it will be on your discretion if you want these checks or not. The card in a sense is just like a debit card that you would receive from a banking intuition, minus all the bogus rules that banks have.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Prepaid Credit Cards – Your Answer to Avoiding Credit Card Debt

Many people nowadays have found it a necessity to use their credit cards to buy stuff. On the one hand, credit cards keep you from carrying lots of cash in your wallet and it’s much easier for you to pay for stuff at almost any store. In fact, some establishments partner with banks to give cardholders discounts when they pay with their card.

Unfortunately, credit cards are more of a bane than boon to many compulsive buyers. Shopaholics take their credit cards for granted and end up getting buried in large charges of interest in the long run. This is because holders don’t really get to track their expenses all the time. And since credit cards don’t put a limit on your transactions, you end up loaning more than you should. Even more unfortunate is the fact that this is a case that happens to more credit card holders than most.

But how do we enjoy the benefits of having something as convenient as a credit card but at the same time avoid credit card debt? It’s simple. One can use a prepaid credit card.
Prepaid credit cards work the same way as credit cards do – namely, you get to buy stuff with it – except that prepaid credit card holders are less likely susceptible to debt because it gives the holder the ability to control his buying capacity by simply depositing as much money as he intends the card to have.The banks are not big fans of prepaid credit cards (for obvious reasons ! like they don't get to charge you interest on them)

With prepaid credit cards, you can avoid credit card debt but at the same time enjoy all those benefits of having a credit card with you. You also keep control of your own cash flow. You never have to worry about spending too much – and suffering later – ever again. Its hard to find a decent bank and when you do , you can be sure they will charge you !
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.