Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Everyone is instantly approved for a Silver Card

Do you receive your paycheck and automatically have to take it to a cash store in order to receive your funds? Are banking institutions giving you the cold shoulder? Then you are in luck, the Silver Card will help you receive your paycheck sooner, and you will not have to worry about paying any excess fees.

The Silver Card is your basic secured credit card. It bares the MasterCard logo, which makes it applicable to be, used anywhere that MasterCard’s are accepted. Anyone that applies for one of these secured cards, are instantly granted approval.
There are many great perks about having your very own Silver Card that people simply cannot get enough of.

By far, the most popular attribute of the card is the fact that you can receive your paychecks via direct deposit for no additional charge. Having direct deposit will eliminate the need to have to visit your local bank retailer in order to obtain your funds on your pay day. It simply takes the hassle out of the monotonous trips to a cash store or bank in order to obtain money that is rightfully yours.

With the Silver Card there is no minimum fund requirement. You can keep as much or as little as you want on the card and never get penalized for it. There are no over draft fees, so once your funds on the card have depleted, you will simply need to wait until your following pay day. This feature has actually helped a plethora of people remain debt free.

You will have the option to receive electronic or paper checks in order to handle your monetary affairs. Of course, it will be on your discretion if you want these checks or not. The card in a sense is just like a debit card that you would receive from a banking intuition, minus all the bogus rules that banks have.

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