Monday, 12 January 2009

Virgin Prepaid Credit Card


This credit card costs £9.95 to get, after you have received your card you will be able to load credit to it at pay point outlets in the UK. If you have a relative that lives outside the UK and you would like an alternative way to sending money abroad clever Richard Branson has allowed you to take out a second card to send to your loved one overseas. For an additional card it costs £4.95, perhaps a downfall to this card would be that you have to pay 2.75% each time you load money to the card and cash withdrawal is 2.95% of the balance. For your loved one overseas they will get charged a higher rate for using the card abroad. Also one downfall is that you have to pay £3.50 should you require a card statement sending to you. For more information you can visit the virgin site.

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