Friday, 9 January 2009

Moneybookers and Egold Banned In US!!!

Well before I even got a chance to write a post about the benefits of using egold , it would seem that they decided to ban the service from US users. Also US customers are no longer able to use the Moneybookers service to send money to others.

This is a mail that a collegue of mine received in the US :

We regret to inform you that with effect from November 19, 2008, payments between US customers, and US customers and international customers using the Send Money service are not supported.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Although they sent this mail to US customers there is still nothing written up about it on the site, and although it does not state that US customers can no longer recieve payments to their bank accounts they dont seem to be allowing them to send money to people using the service.

As for Egold the US goverment have disabled all uses down to possible money laundering. They have decided that Egold is no longer soemthing that they will allow US residents to have access to and therefore if you are in the US you will not be able to withdraw, send money or pay money into your egold account so therefore it is useless! Well for people in the USA its not so bad as they are the lucky ones amoungst us that are able to use paypal, I pray for the day that they allow paypal to be linked to an Oman bank account.

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