Thursday, 22 January 2009

Direct River

Need a PayPal alternative, try Bill Gates choice: Digital River

Looking for an e-commerce solution that is a PayPal alternative so that you can market to customers globally without worrying about PayPal? Well, you might want to take a look at the excellent PayPal alternative known as Digital River on the web. With Digital River not only do you get a way to control the commerce from your website, but you can also receive support for numerous other commerce and marketing functions outside of your online shopping cart. In fact, while you can set shopping cart checkout with Digital River, you can also set up a catalog, affiliates, fraud protection and many more things for your website.

Digital River is an excellent PayPal alternative also because of the many add-ons you get from working with a firm set up to manage online commerce since 1994. Direct River has global experience and a wide range of network associations which is why this PayPal alternative can also help you enhance your email marketing, bid management, and affiliate marketing. For those of you who are not yet impressed, if you become a Digital River client as a PayPal alternative, you will receive web analytics from the company that will help you analyze the best way to optimize your site so that you earn more money!

That’s right, with Digital River behind you as your PayPal alternative not only can you make sure that you earn money, you can also ensure that you continue to earn more money which is the primary goal of the Internet after all. How do you know you can trust Digital River? Well some of their main clients are Microsoft, H&R Block, and Symantec. If Bill Gates chose Digital River as his PayPal alternative, then you know you are in good hands, because Gates seems to have a firm grasp on the computer world and would enough money invested not to take a gamble!

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