Thursday, 22 January 2009

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Check out for an cheap credit card processor alternative

Looking for a way to allow your customers to pay via credit card on your online merchant site? Well, while there are many credit card processors out there, for a beginner paying the big bucks for a credit card checkout service may be out of the question. However, thanks to, there is a much cheaper way to make money from credit card purchases in no time at a very low fee for you. In fact, one of the best parts of choosing is that the only fee you ever have to pay is the upfront payment. And guess what, you can use your credit card for that as well!

Of course, in the future you want to encourage other people to use their credit card on your website which is your initial draw to For a $49.00 upfront fee, you can enable to work on your website. The way the site works, is that you list all the products and merchandise you have for sale on your customer account with They automatically set up links from your website to their company so that when a customer clicks to purchase an item can accept the credit card and authorize the purchase.

That’s all there is to it! You will be charged a 5.5% commission on every credit card transaction plus .45 every sale however, but in comparison to the monthly fees you have to pay must credit card processors, this is still a steal. So start making more money today on credit card sales by enabling your site to accept all major credit cards through and you may see your annual sales go up as people will feel the ease of buying from you knowing they are protected and feel free to use credit cards to complete their transactions.

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