Monday, 12 January 2009

All About Egold

Ok it was along time coming , and even though there is a problem in the US with Egold theres still a plethora of countries that are able to use their service.

Are you one of the millions of people daily that spend, or make, money in one of the millions of ways that the Internet has provided? Are you left out of this great market place because you don't qualify for a credit card, or for fears of not making, or receiving, secure payments? Well, now you can put all of your worries to rest for less cost than that of most major credit cards! And you don't even have to have good credit to qualify! E-gold was developed over ten years ago in 1996 by Gold & Silver Reserve (G&SR), Inc., a Delaware Corporation.

They realized that the market for goods and services sold across the Internet was growing but that the systems for payments was still not 100% safe, especially internationally. By using Gold Bullion, a measurement of funds that can be converted by over 165 countries world wide, they found that they could minimize exchange risks, and meet the ever changing demands of Internet businesses: Such as payments person to person, business to business, or bank to bank. The E-gold system is designed to be absolutely free of financial risks!

Because you are only credited the amount of gold in your account, you can not go into debt or accrue charges that you do not have the funds for. You may think "What use could I possibly have for this sort of thing?" but let me tell you, the target for this program is "people who use money." Sound like you? The benefit of this program as opposed to how you may be currently trading funds is there is absolutely no fee to sign up for an E-gold account and since there is no credit check, anyone can qualify.

You'll never be asked to maintain a minimum balance and all accounts are set up to spend or receive so there is no additional fee for "merchant accounts". Fees are assessed in two ways. One being the amount of money in your account on average in a month and the other being the amount that you spend in a single transaction. Translation: You only pay based on what you spend or make. Since you can only spend what you have in your account, you can forget about overdraft fees, interest, or other penalties normally associated with credit cards.

Most people have, or will at some time, use the Internet for purchases or income so you can see how an e-gold account would benefit you for making or receiving payments. Remember, there is no fee to sign up, no credit checks, and no minimum balance required! It's your hard earned money. Shouldn't you be able to feel confident that it's where it should be?

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