Thursday, 22 January 2009

Alert Pay

Alertpay is a great PayPal alternative for those who want low fees but high security
Looking for a PayPal alternative so that you send money for purchases or receive it for sales and/or services rendered? Well then look no farther than Alertpay. Although Alertpay as a PayPal alternative has not been around long in the e-commerce world, it is steadily building up its repertoire of users, and websites that accept the easy service. This may partially be because Alertpay has semi-low user charges and opening an account is free. However, a great deal of the reason why Alertpay is a popular PayPal alternative is probably due to the fact that it is set up to look just like PayPal!

In fact, if you did not know better you may think that Alertpay was not a PayPal alternative, but actually a scam website set up to trick you. However, there is no reason to be alarmed when you head over to check out Alertpay as it is a certified website run by people who honestly want to help you both receive and send money from your bank account online. In fact, to complete either of these actions you simply enter the email address of the recipient of whom you want to send money, and off it goes! This is one reason why Alertpay is the most attractive PayPal alternative online.

Another reason is because while securing your privacy, Alertpay is not as restrictive as PayPal making it a great PayPal alternative. If you are in a country that does not accept PayPal you are no likely struggling to find a PayPal alternative you can trust, which is finding Alertpay may be the blessing you were looking for. Your service charge, unlike PayPal, is the low $.25 a transaction making it possible to send large amounts if you have a business account of a personal pro account without losing a large chunk of money to service charges.

Take the plunge and experiment with the personal start account which is free to see how well this Paypal alternative works out for you. Within months you may find yourself forgetting about PayPal altogether as you enjoy the ease of the PayPal alternative without all the nasty transaction fees!

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