Monday, 3 November 2008

No Paypal? Not the End of the world !

With the internet on the rise and work at home jobs rapidly increasing, for some the decision to work online from home is necessary! Imagine not having to wake up for the office trip in the morning anymore simply lounging out of bed at your leisure and checking your email

While this may sounds like a dream come true, or perhaps too good to be true! Working from home really is not as difficult as you imagine. Depending on your area of interest you could soon have your online empire building its way up to rake in your earnings.

If you live in the UK or US, in fact the majority of countries around the world offer you the chance to have a PayPal account and receive the cash direct to your bank account via the online PayPal facility. However if you live in a country that PayPal accounts cannot be linked to your bank account then the options for receiving pay may seem limited to you.

I for instance had great difficulty in working out a way to start getting paid online! I had the foundations for my work at home business, the client, the assignments and the ability to get the work out there and completed to project specifications. Although one thing I couldn’t get was a PayPal account! - So what did I do? While many hitting a brick wall may take the decision to back down and give up I found a way around the system.

Yes that’s right PayPal is not as difficult as you may first imagine nor are they the only method of receiving your salary on the internet. Of course there are some clients that won’t pay you via western union, as the charges are a lot, even if you offer to receive the pay AND cover the cost of the money transfer you will be surprised how many people can’t be bothered to go to a local western union branch to send your pay!

I asked a relative in the UK to open a PayPal account that I was able to access and send and receive payments from. As soon as the account was set up I had a method of sending payment to my staff and receiving client payments from people that didn’t have an alternative to the PayPal system.

Ok so now you’re asking WHATS THE ALTERNATIVE???! Simple Money bookers, yes the website is excellent for receiving and sending payments. When you don’t have a bank account with a sort code only a swift code money bookers is the best opportunity that you can take. For instance they DONT CHARGE TO RECEIVE FUNDS! Yes you read it right money bookers don’t take out any fees when your clients send you the money. In fact to withdraw to your bank account costs a mere $2.50 a joke when comparing the PayPal commission fees that are taken each time you receive a payment.

Where PayPal don’t charge to send money, money bookers charge you $0.01 per each dollar that you send VERY LOW!!! And a fee that will not be noticed. There is the money bookers option for those of you whom are wise however as with all online transactions there are of course strict regulations that are in force before you can verify the accounts and start trading online. One of the problems with money bookers (which are easily resolved) is that they require you to verify a credit card to increase the account sending and receiving limits.

No need to worry though if you don’t have a credit card, you are able to verify your bank account thus increasing the credit limit. And other options to receiving cash online?? Well you can perhaps try a virtual credit card, such as the payoneer card where you are able to recieve money direct to your virtual credit card and spend it straight away.

You can also use the option of opening an account with a freelance site and getting the cash transferred direct to your bank account. Also there is cheques, AND Egold! Don’t despair your options are not limited the world online is changing daily ad who knows very soon PayPal could lighten up and open the opportunity for your country to receive funds through their service.

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